Personal Computer / Networking Services Offered

  • PC Hardware & Software Design / Installation
  • PC Hardware & Software Configuration
  • PC Hardware & Software Troubleshooting
  • Local Area Network Installation
  • Local Area Network Configuration
  • Local Area Network Troubleshooting

Personal Computer Training & Internet Services Offered

  • Windows Operating System and Windows Maintenance Training
  • Windows Security Services (Spyware, Adware, and Virus Detection) 
  • Microsoft Office Suite Training Services (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Internet Recommendation, Setup, and Configuration Services (DSL, Broadband)


Troubleshooting Windows Spyware, Adware, Malware Virus Problems                                    $  25

(Fee is based upon inability to keep updates current and the ability to scan

for these problems on a multiple time [3-4 times] basis in a period of 30 days.)

Troubleshooting Windows Slowdown                                                                                                          $  40

(Occurs when customer reports problems with Windows operating system 

or windows-based application software is running slower than usual)

Troubleshooting Windows Compatibility                                                                                                   $  75

(Occurs when hardware or software problems reduce or impede the ability 

to work in an optimum fashion.)

Troubleshooting Unknown Windows Problems – Home User                                         $ 40 / hourly

(Hourly rate discounted 15% to 20% with approved service for solution)

Troubleshooting Unknown Windows Problems – Business User                                  $ 75 / hourly

(Hourly rate discounted 15% to 20% with approved service for solution)

Windows Productivity Analysis                                                                                                                         $75

(Consists of analyzing and correcting the running software and add-ons 

to various software applications to bring an optimum environment back in place.)

Windows Security Analysis                                                                                                                                $  50

(Consists of analyzing running security programs to determine whether 

a change is warranted.) 

Installing Windows Internet Access (DSL / Cable)                                                                                   $   50

Installing Windows Wireless Access                                                                                                              $   60

(Consists of recommendation of DSL / Cable provider [If needed], 

router equipment, wiring products [If needed], and Firewall or VPN software)                                            

Installing Small Business Network                                                                                                                $ 150

(Consists of 2 network card installations, wired or wireless router installation 

and configuration, and Windows configuration service – 

Additional computers added to network $40 each)

Installing & Configuring Windows 7, 8, or 10                                                                                           $ 175

(Installing Freeware Security Software & Other Standard Software)

Installing, Updating, & Configuring Windows-Based Software                                                     $   75

(After Recommendation From Customer on 3 pieces of software)

Installing, Updating, & Configuring Windows-Based Software                                                      $   50

(After Recommendation From Customer on 2 pieces of software)

Installing, Updating, & Configuring Windows-Based Software                                                      $   40

(After Recommendation From Customer on 1 pieces of software)

Installing Additional Memory (Upgrade)                                                                                                     $   40

Installing PC Component (Upgrade)                                                                                                             $   40

Full Upgrade Package                                                                                                                                          $ 175

(Installing PC Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, CD RW Drive, 

DVD RW Drive, AGP or PCI-e video card)

CPU Upgrade (Add new CPU to current motherboard)                                                                          $   50

Memory Upgrade (Add new memory to current motherboard)                                                        $   40

Video Card Upgrade (Add more current video card [AGP or PCI-e styles covered])                  $   40

CPU & Memory Upgrade Package (Add more current CPU and increase memory)                 $   75

CPU, Memory, & Video Card Upgrade Package                                                                                      $   75

(Add more current CPU, Increase memory, and increase video card [AGP or PCI-e])